Proactive Maintenance Solutions At Your Fingertips
Proactive Maintenance Solutions At Your Fingertips

Our Product

The demand market for Filtagreen®’s products is as large as the world of the internal combustion engine and its direct drive applications. Our products have been field-proven for over 20 years. Results include improved equipment performance, reduced operational costs, and significant environmental improvements. Filtagreen® Complete is the only total solution.


Filtagreen Global is located in Indonesia. We provide products that are suitable for personal use and for the community.
You can search for us at a local Indonesian e-commerce shop, or you can place a direct order at our location.

About Us

Since 1995, our principal FiltagreenTM International (formerly known as FiltakleenTM USA)

has been working with over a thousand clients worldwide, ranging from heavy equipment fleets, manufacturers, oil rigs, and other industries, to increase the sustainability of their fluid systems and provide filtration systems and fuel catalysts to reduce maintenance and lubrication challenges.