Our Products

The demand market for Filtagreen®’s products is as large as the world of the internal combustion engine and its direct drive applications. Our products have been field-proven for over 20 years. Results include improved equipment performance, reduced operational costs, and significant environmental improvement. Filtagreen® Complete is the only Total Solution.


Personal Use

We provide products to the consumer that save money and protect the environment simultaneously. Using our Complete Proactive Maintenance Solutions for personal, commercial, and industrial applications improves the economics of all diesel and gasoline power units.



Our maintenance solutions are saving industries hundreds of millions of dollars in maintenance costs every year. Filtagreen®’s products are currently utilized on heavy construction equipment, mining and oil field equipment, transit and school buses, diesel-driven highway transport vehicles, stationary generators, small- to mid-sized trucks and RV’s, and ocean-going commercial marine vessels.


Company Info

Our mission is to market a new generation of products for the improvement of diesel and gasoline power units and the systems in which they are employed. In today’s OPEC-controlled energy world, there is a market-driven need to economize the utilization of petroleum products and maximize the value of each barrel of crude oil. With its field-proven product line, Filtagreen® International is in a position to lead the way in this endeavor.